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Desert Hills Realty
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Eunice Hickerson

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Galina Grymaylo

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Erin Robinson

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Susie Darrington

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Cathy Desgranges

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Joseph Foster

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Kris Winters

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Mardi Perry

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Meribeth Phipps

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Amber Emich

Welcome to Desert Hills Realty!

We have been buying and selling homes within the Tri-Cities community for over 25 years.

Please have a look at our current Listings and let contact us if you have any questions.

You can also search through selected areas throughout the south east Washington by using our area search page.

Here you can also search by MLS# using the MLS search.

Please contact any one of our experienced agents for any assistance. For those who are planning on moving to the Tri-Cities, we will be able to find the best home according to you needs and preferences.  Our realtors have been long standing community members who will be able to provide you with any housing and area questions you may have. 

Desert Hills Realty can also work with you to sell your house.  Our realtors will help you to determine your fair market value as well as find a buyer for your home.

Our realtors are part of the Washington State Realtors Association as well as the Tri-City Realtors Association and are ready to help you with your housing needs throughout the greater Tri-Cities area.